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Invitation for Lunar New Year Ski Trip 2010


This is an invitation for our 4th annual Lunar New Year ski and snowboarding trip.  This year, it will be tough to head out of the country because of the short holiday, so why not spend your holiday skiing with us?  The cost is easy to handle and every year, everyone has a great time.

Visit this link for all of the details:

What: Our 4th Annual Lunar New Year Ski Trip: 2 days and nights of skiing/snowboarding including lift tickets for afternoon on first day, full day on day 2, rental of snowboard/skis, our own chartered buses, choice of accommodation style for 2 nights, and travel insurance. Our accommodations are literally 3 minutes from the slopes. Optional: Yongpyong has a great indoor water park and spa called Peak Island. We are able to get discounted tickets for this, so you can add that to your package if you want to enjoy an outdoor hot tub, water massage in the jacuzzi and some wave-pool and water slide action.

When: Depart 7:30-8am Saturday, February 13th and return at 12pm on Monday, February 15th. Monday is a holiday for everyone (Lunar New Year)

Where: Departure from Suwon, Bundang and Coex Mall in Seoul. Our destination is Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon Province on the East Coast. Yongpyong is the largest and most famous ski resort in the country and we are going to take over!

Who: Any ASK Now-ETO clients, friends of theirs, and anyone else that would like to join the family. We are open to all who want to have a great trip in a positive, friendly and communal environment. Note: We have chartered 2 buses, so we will be 90 people. That's a party!

How Much: 
Full Ski Package Individual: 187,000 (165,000 + 22,000 for bunk bed)
Full Snowboard Package Individual: 197,000 (175,000 +22,000 for bunk bed)

For an individual who wants to snowboard and is using the bunk rooms, it is 197,000 won including travel, rental, lift, accommodations, and travel insurance. For someone who wants to ski and get the bunk room, it is 187,000.

We also have separate rooms available for groups of 3 or groups of 7. So, if you have a group and you would like your own Ondol-style room (K-style floor sleeping with mats etc...) then you can reserve one of those rooms, but you must be a group of 3 or a group of 7. The benefit is that you and your friends get your own private room, your own private bathroom/shower as opposed to sharing in the bigger bunk rooms. For the bunk rooms, you get to save about 20,000-25,000.

For a tool to calculate your cost for a group, visit 

Price for separate rooms: 
3-person Ondol: 140,000 for two nights (min. 3 people in group)
7-person Ondol: 280,000 for two nights (min. 7 people in group)

Note: If you are reserving one of these rooms, you MUST pay all at once. So, one person should gather all of the money from your group and transfer at one time and the group leader will be in communication with us.


Water Park Ticket: 30,000 won

How to reserve:

1. Provide payment

Go to a bank machine or to a bank teller and transfer the money to this account:

KB Bank (Kookmin Bank)
Brant Kim

Note: Be sure your name is sent with the payment if you go to the teller. Don't send it as "Ski Trip" or anything else. Lots of payments come through, and if it says "Ski Trip" we don't know who it is from.

2. Send confirmation email

Send an email to the address below (Subject: Ski Trip Payment) with this information:

Name of Payor:
Amount Sent:
Date Sent:
Number of skiers:
Number of snowboarders:
Number of water park tix:
Accommodation type:
Name(s) of Traveler(s):

Send to: Jason's email (available on site)

3. Fill in information on sign-up form and print reservation number 

Note: It may take a couple of days to receive confirmation due to high volume. Please be patient and wait at least 72 hours before contacting us to re-confirm.

Once we confirm that payment has been made, we will send you an email with a link for you to enter the required information and to generate your reservation number. Each person in your group needs to fill out the info. Here is what will be required:

Name, email, phone number, departure location, Alien Registration Number, Passport Number, or Korean registration number (for travel insurance). 


Email any questions to Jason's email (available on site)

Happy Lunar New Year!


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I want not concur on it. I think nice post. Expressly the designation attracted me to review the sound story.

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